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Project Heartbeat is an independent fund-raising committee. Since its initial purchase of a heart monitor in 1977, the committee has directed its efforts toward acquiring equipment that directly benefits the operations of the ambulances. Although the Cambria Community Healthcare District provides general funding for the ambulances, it is limited as to the type of equipment that can be purchased.


Generally, a request for funds is made by the ambulance crew to the committee via memorandum explaining the type of equipment or funding needed. The committee will review the request and report back to the ambulance crew.


Committee members:

Frank Fratto, D.D.S., Dentist and Cambria resident

Don Melendy,
former Healthcare District Administrator and longtime Cambria resident


Make a Donation to Project Heartbeat and help us save lives.





Click "Donate Now!" and you will be redirected to The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County where you can make a donation to Project Heartbeat online.


Or donate by check: Please make your check payable to

“The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County”.

And write "Project Heartbeat" in the memo line.


Then mail your check to:

The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County

550 Dana Street

San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401


We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

Great News! Your donation is tax-deductible and qualifies for the maximum tax benefit under state and federal law!




In 1977, Project Heartbeat was founded by Art James and Doris Melendy as a means to raise monies for an expensive heart monitor. The fund raising effort was so successful that a Project Heartbeat committee was formed to continue to receive donations toward ambulance equipment. Since this time Project Heartbeat has raised over thirty-thousand dollars and has acquired new and modern medical devices for our ambulances.


In 1989, Art was approached by Bill and Barbara Sebro, then owners of the Moonraker Restaurant, about conducting a fund raising dinner for Project Heartbeat as a thank you for the assistance that the ambulance crews had been providing for Barbara’s mom. The idea was to work with local wineries in providing wine for the multi-course, gourmet dinner now referred to as the "Winemakers Dinner". The first dinner was very successful, and continues as a fundraising tradition.


In 1993, Penny and Tom purchased the restaurant, renamed it the Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill and the Winemakers Dinner was held at this location until 1997.


The dinner was then offered at the Brambles Dining House under the guidance of Nick and Debbie Caperonis, continuing to be held there until 2003.


In 2004, the Project Heartbeat fund-raising account was incorporated into The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County, allowing contributions to Project Heartbeat to be tax-deductible.


In 2008, dinner was held at Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill and was a great success. Owners, John and Kern McKinnon and their staff provided a wonderful 5 course meal with excellent wine donated by Harmony and Castoro Cellars. We greatly appreciate Director Paula Taves, Vice President  Frank Fratto, and committee member Art James as they organized and planned this year's fundraising dinner.


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Project Heartbeat

PO Box 1577
Cambria, Ca 93428



 EKG/defibrillator (EKG)

 Intercom with headset

 CPR Manikins Adult-baby

 Cervical (Neck) Immobilization Collars

 Heart Lung Resuscitator (HLR)

 Infant resuscitator

 Pagers (For Backup Volunteers)

 Backboards and Pedi-Boards Stretcher

 MAST trousers/Antishock pants 

 Obstetrical Kits

 Pulse oximeters

 Tympanic thermometers

 Trauma pack 

 Uniden VHF Radios

 Mass casualty tarps (Colored)

 Oxygen Respirator Pack

 MAST trouser pack 


 Mass casualty Trauma Kits

 Stair Chair

 Oxygen cylinders

 Portable Radios

 Helmets for Crew

 Training Software


 Cliff Rescue Equipment

 Pediatric Color Coded Equipment Bags

Gurney attachments


 Handset Radios and Components

 Trauma Pack, Oxygen Ventilator

History | Contact Us | Acquisitions


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