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Our Mission



A Long Lasting and Meaningful Way to Make a Difference in the Health and Safety of Our Community

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The Cambria Community Healthcare District serves on the front lines of healthcare, providing ambulance service to Cambria, San Simeon and the rural areas of the north coast, and serving the county through its mutual aid system.

The District also provides healthcare education and training, and helps recruit needed healthcare services to the area.

If you would like to make a donation to the Cambria Community Healthcare District now or in the future, we have a Trust which qualifies as a (501)(c)(3) organization. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Donations can be used only to support vital capital and equipment needs for the District.

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If you would like to learn more about how to make a gift, or would like information on how to allocate a gift in a Trust or Will, please call Timothy Benes, Director of Operations or Simone Rathbun, Office Manager at (805) 927-8304.

*When making an online donation will be automatically redirected to our secure donation form.

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Public Meetings

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Regular Board Meeting

calendar iconThursday, December 15, 2022 at 9:00 am

map location pin iconOld Cambria Grammar School, 1350 Main St. Cambria, California

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Ambulance Facility Replacement

The Cambria Community Healthcare District Board of Directors is exploring the feasibility of upgrading their facility serving the area in and around Harmony, Cambria and San Simeon. As revealed in a recent professional facility assessment report, the current buildings are beyond their useful lifespan and are not economically feasible for retrofitting. In order to meet the needs of our mission... of providing advanced life support ambulance services to the community’s residents, workers and visitors, the District is considering replacing the building with one that is suitable for use as an ambulance station compliant with current standards for health, safety, and security for this essential services facility. The property located at 2515/2535 Main Street is well over 60 years old and was not originally designed as an ambulance facility, rather professional offices. While it is currently functioning as an ambulance station, it is seriously inadequate and doubtful as to its continued use on a long-term basis. The project would help assure the reasonable sustainability of the much-appreciated services provided by our EMTs and Paramedics. Their safety and security are of primary concern for the CCHD Board of Directors and it is hoped that community support will continue in this important endeavor. To help solicit input from community members, a random phone survey is being conducted throughout the District area. If you are contacted, please participate as we appreciate your valued involvement

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Posted On: 06/03/2022

SLO County EMS Career Fair!

Monday May 23, 2022 @ Fire Station #1 - 2160 Santa Barbara Ave in SLO. This event is open to the public. Come by and say, "Hi" to your CCHD Ambulance Crew, and other local EMS agencies.

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Posted On: 05/16/2022

CCHD Receives $165,533 Funding from California for COVID Relief

December 20, 2021: The Cambria Community Healthcare District announced it has received $165,533 in grant funding, which it plans to use for relief from COVID related impacts. The funding is made available from a $100 million allocation provided by the State Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom in the 2021-2022 State Budget. “During these challenging times in the COVID pandemic, these funds... will provide much needed relief from the unanticipated financial impacts we have experienced”, said Michael McDonough, Administrator. “We’re extremely grateful for this support to continue our essential mission of public service.” This funding arrives after special districts across California experienced budget and staff cuts necessitated as a result of the COVID pandemic. Throughout 2020 and 2021, California’s special districts provided essential services to their local communities, maintained a large portion of the state’s critical infrastructure, and employed thousands of front-line workers, but initially received none of the COVID relief funding available to cities and counties. “Special districts are addressing our biggest statewide challenges, all at the local level,” said Neil McCormick, CEO of the California Special Districts Association (CSDA). We applaud Governor Newsom and our Legislature for recognizing this and responding to our requests for partnership. Special districts make a difference throughout California and this funding will make a difference in the communities special districts serve.” Statewide, more than 2,000 independent special districts across the state serve the needs of all 40 million Californians at some level, and more than 60 percent of these local agencies provide specialized services to a disadvantaged community.

Posted On: 01/04/2022

Cambria Community Healthcare District Announces Award of $76,190 FEMA Grant to Purchase Ambulance Power Gurney/Loading Systems

Cambria Community Healthcare District Announces Award of $76,190 FEMA Grant to Purchase Ambulance Power Gurney/Loading Systems - New state-of-the-art power gurney/loading systems will be installed in two front-line ambulances operated by the Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD). Partially funded by a $76,190 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant, the new equipment uses a hydraulic power system to raise, lower or smoothly... maneuver the gurney into and out of the ambulance. This offers several advantages for both patients and ambulance crew members. “Our patients will have a safer and more comfortable transfer in and out of the ambulance,” explained Operations Manager and Paramedic Tim Benes. Tim also explained that this will help crew members to lower their own risk of serious muscle strains, spine injury or even permanent disability. “Replacing older equipment is a CCHD priority to assure patients receive the best emergency medical services from our paramedics and emergency medical technicians,” added Administrator Mike McDonough. In addition to the new power gurney/loading systems, the CCHD has recently upgraded communication radios, replaced personal protective gear, and acquired a low-mileage 4-wheel drive ambulance. The equipment upgrades were enabled by funding support from local foundations such as the Cambria Community Council and Project Heartbeat, through private donations, and from federal agencies. According to Administer McDonough the CCHD has received more than $180,000 in grant awards and pledges over the past year and a half...

earth iconCCHD Press Release - Cambria Community Healthcare District Announces Award of $76,190 FEMA Grant to Purchase Ambulance Power Gurney/Loading Systems

Posted On: 09/27/2021

Strategic Plan Communication 2020-2023

Please click on the link to view the overview of the CCHD Strategic Plan 2020-2023.

earth iconStrategic Plan Communication 2020-2023

Posted On: 01/20/2021

Health District Reports Community-Wide Survey Results

The Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) conducted a community-wide Healthcare Needs survey in July to better understand the primary care needs of Cambria, San Simeon, and the surrounding rural areas. The response was excellent, with 23% of all households (975 residences) responding by mail or online on the District’s website. Please click on the link below for complete survey results.

earth iconCCHD Community Health Survey Results

Posted On: 09/08/2020